Positive affirmations

In my last blog post, I wrote about my current daily positive affirmations and how they are really helping. Just saying them every morning and throughout the day makes me smile.

Yesterday, I happened to email with a former student from my lab (who had not read my blog), and she wrote, “I have been thinking about you a lot lately, mostly because I have become pretty into this song “The Affirmation Song” feat Snoop Dogg, that reminds me of the Will I Am song that you got into for a bit (I think in grad school) that you shared. Literally when I found Snoop Dogg affirmations I was like this is amazing! And then I have been singing it every morning on the way to school.”

This email of hers struck me for multiple reasons.

First of all, I found it striking and wonderful and a beautiful synchronicity that just as I have been reincorporating positive affirmations in my life, my former student was thinking about me and incorporating positive affirmations into HER life.

Second, she reminded me that I used to be a HUGE believer in positive affirmations. As she noted, when I was in grad school (and had my first kid), I found this Will I Am Sesame Street song that I listened to EVERY SINGLE DAY for months and it kept me feeling positive and happy and confident in myself, when I could otherwise be so uncertain and worried about the future. It made a huge positive impact on my mood. I almost cannot believe that I had forgotten about this song. It’s fantastic and I love it so much. Watching it again last night brought me back in my head to a time in my life when I was so full of hope and love and enthusiasm and optimism, and it helped me feel that way again now.

And third, I am amazed and enchanted by Snoop Dogg’s youtube channel teaching these positive affirmations for children. They are brilliant and wonderful and I love them.

I encourage you to check any of them out, below. And, if these particular types of affirmations don’t necessarily resonate for you, I encourage you to find different ones that DO. Reminding yourself every day of the reality that you want to create for yourself is so important. You have so much power over your life, and if you consciously take the reins, anything is possible.

Will I Am – Sesame Street


Snoop Dogg – The Affirmations Song


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