Always growing…but progress is not always linear

Hi there. I’m still here. I know that it’s been a while. I think about this blog a lot, this sharing of myself and my private and intimate thoughts with the world. What is safe to share, in this sort of public forum, where anyone can come across it? I mean, a link to this blog is on my BU professional profile. So, it’s potentially quite visible in the world. Still, it has long been a value of mine to show up and connect and be vulnerable and authentic and share my truth with anyone who cares to listen. I’ve been focusing on a rather intense inner journey, this last year. But I am emerging now, and I think that I would like to begin sharing more publicly again.

So I will start by sharing my current daily affirmations. Every morning, and anytime my mind begins to obsess over negative thoughts (which has been more often than not, these last few years), I think to myself the following – I accept myself for who I am. I love myself for who I am. I let go of judgements, of myself and of others. I feel connected to my higher self. My thoughts are creative forces of love. I am grateful for being alive right now.

It’s amazing to me how helpful positive affirmations can be. Some people might scoff at them. But why is it so easy to repeat negative criticisms about oneself, over and over and over again, but not accept the idea of repeating positive ones, over and over and over again? We have the power to change our own mind, change our own reality, create our own reality.

So, in addition to these positive thoughts, I’m getting back into the swing of creating. Human beings are creators. Creation is essential for experiencing life fulfillment.

So that is where I am this morning. And I hope that all is well with you and your world right now.

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