About Laura Lowery

I have many other identities beyond being an Associate Professor at Boston University in the Department of Medicine. I am a mother, a sister, an amateur artist, an empath, a life advice-sharer, a divorcee, a motivator of students, a pet momma, a former Spartan racer, and a storyteller.

I grew up in Southern California but moved to the Boston area for grad school in 2001. I’m still here. After getting my PhD at MIT in 2008, in addition to having my first child in 2006, I did postdoctoral training at Harvard until 2013.

When I am not working or spending time with my kids, I enjoy watercolor painting, reading, writing, and exploring how to become a healthier version of myself. This blog is to share my ramblings as I try to figure that out.

I also have a life advice website, a lab website, a youtube channel. More to come.