Taking off a week

I’m going to take a week off from posting blogs. My child came home from the hospital last night (after staying there a week), and he is going to be staying at home from school the next few days and then next week is school vacation week. During this time, we are going to focus on establishing a regular structured eating schedule. In the hospital, he ate 5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks) with no grazing in between, and he actually ate food there. He gained almost 3 pounds in a week. We are hoping to have him eat similarly at home. We are delaying going back to school because of the increased social anxiety contributing to his inability to eat. Fingers crossed that this transition back home to eating works.

The last week was rough on me, emotionally. I was spending half my day visiting him in the hospital, and when I wasn’t with him, I wasn’t taking care of myself and my needs the way that would have been healthiest. I haven’t done any yoga or painting or even cleaning my house (which I find cathartic) in a few weeks. I was mainly either working or crying about being a terrible mother or binge watching Survivor.

So…time for me to make a switch. Time for me to take care of my child AND myself again. So I will take a few days these next few days to re-establish my normal healthy routines, including trying to start exercising again for the first time in months. And then on Saturday, I will be going on a short vacation with my boyfriend. Looking forward to that. When I get back next Tuesday, I will be spending the rest of the week with my kids.

I anticipate being back to posting by the end of next week.

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