Happy New Year!

So, it’s only the fourth day of the new year and I already feel behind. Then again, I set myself up for this. I was traveling over the last week. I took my kids (ages 12 and 15) to Las Vegas from December 30 until January 2, so that we could go see the Katy Perry concert there. I’m normally not a big fan of travel, and NEVER during the holidays, let alone to Vegas. But, it was the first real vacation that I went on with my kids, since I got divorced last year. We had a great time, filled with lots of fun and special moments, but I definitely had higher than healthy expectations going into it. And we all know how that goes…Still, I do not regret the experience. But, ugh, arriving home at 10PM on Sunday night (original booking was supposed to arrive home at 3PM, but then the flight changed and then it was delayed), after spending a few days on Pacific Coast time, when the kids had school the very next morning…it was rough, not gonna lie.

And yesterday, the first workday of the year, I had a bunch of unexpected emails of work that I needed to take care of, never mind they weren’t on my to do list.

And now it is the second workday of the year, and the day has flown by and I already don’t know where the days are going.

Wowsers. Okay, so this is not how this month is supposed to go. So, I am going to take a step back and breathe and remind myself that it is okay to go slow. One step at a time. And whatever I don’t accomplish today, that’s okay. I STILL need to take time for self-care, such as doing painting or yoga or meditating.

So, THAT is what I am going to go do right now. I’m going to do some yoga. Even though I have work that is still on my to do list for the day. It will just have to wait until tomorrow. Because right now, I need to take care of myself and give time to myself to do activities that are healing. I hope that you make this choice too.

One of my favorite moments in Vegas
On the plane

2 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. LA,

    Hello. Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. I hope you and your boys are doing well. I also hope you are healing your amazing heart. You are, and have always been to me, an amazing human!

    Thanks for letting us know you are human with real challenges.

    Would love to reconnect if and when you want to.

    Many hugs, Bren


    1. Brenda, Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments! I would love to reconnect with you. I will reach out soon. Hugs to you!


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